At RODMAN DEEP CLEANING SERVICES, we are  committed to offering you quality and affordable MOBILE cleaning services with a customer focused mindset driven by strong partnership and ideologies.

Since her establishment, RODMAN DEEP CLEANING SERVICES has successfully performed numerous projects for many of her clients in Edinburg, United Kingdom.  As a good corporate company, we are mindful of ensuring a seamless relationship with customers, and this drives our effectiveness in handling all of our projects.

Our Vision & Mission

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing the highest quality commercial cleaning service available by exceeding the expectations of our clients, as well as their employees and visitors to their premises or facilities through continuous improvements in Quality, Services and Productivity.

Management Functions: our internal online management system, ensures that our team adheres to the following four major management functions.

Planning: defining goals, establishing strategy and developing sub-plans to coordinate activities through a flexible management approach.

Organising: determining what needs to be done, how it will be done and who is to do it.

Leading: directing and motivating all relevant stakeholders through in-house and on-site training, employee suggestions and conflict resolution.

Controlling: regular audits and maintenance activities are executed to ensure that tasks are accomplished as planned, with outcomes reviewed and evaluated with the aim of continuous improvement.

Vision Statement

We are constantly working to be recognized by our clients, employees and the industry as the most respected and the leading provider of contract cleaning services and facilities support service in Edinburg, UK.

Why Choose Us

We are highly trained professionals, well versed in identifying every component of building, what to use and what to avoid, meeting all cleaning requirements. We have strong work ethic that makes us pay attention to details.

We employ latest and standard technology in carrying out our services that makes our services faster and neater

We employ modern technologies in carrying out our cleaning services.

We only use certified materials that meets standard to carryout our cleaning services.



What our customers are saying about us

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